AMMM 2016

Exhibit, Establish & Link with National & International Agri Machinery Manufacturers, Traders, Associations, Buying Houses Government officials, Farmers and NGOs

With various challenges facing the Farming Industry and farmers, Mechanization is one big solution to solve various issues of the farmers. With the changing weather patterns, ever shifting farm labor force from villages to urban areas, shrinking land holdings, changing eating habits, growing population and increasing farmers debt and suicides, increasing the yield/productivity has become more and more important! To achieve that, it is important that all the Agricultural machinery Industry and the relevant people from all over the world meet, discuss and evolve with the new Ideas, innovations and action plan for the best innovations, technology sharing,manufacturing methods, co-operations with the best policies and actions to support the Goal of supporting the Industry and farming community This meet is organized with the 3 days conference on the above to present, discuss and evolve with solutions and action plan with all the stakeholders with the third day especially with all the Regional Agri Machinery Associations and also to exhibit the technologies through the trade fair at TAME 2016, AMMA Pavilion, Agri Intex 2016